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Commerical Real Estate Marketing

Digital marketing techniques like SEO and PPC have proven to be difference-makers in any business’s marketing strategy. Tandem’s commercial real estate digital marketing strategies can help agencies or realtors tap into the massive number of customers on the internet.


Marketing for Commercial Real Estate

To fully take advantage of marketing, commercial real estate businesses need to expand their efforts to the digital world. Digital marketing presents an advantage to companies because it allows them to use platforms that millions of users rely on daily to search for products and services they need, as opposed to traditional marketing, which relies on a business’s hope that a potential customer stumbles upon an advertisement and calls their offices. Now, companies can rest assured that a customer who is searching for a business that provides the service they offer is already interested in them. Tandem’s digital marketing services are an excellent way to thrust your services in front of qualified customers. Give us a buzz today to learn more.

How Can Commercial Real Estate Firms Use Search Engine Optimization?

It should be no surprise that search engines have replaced traditional phone books and trade magazines as the first place for people looking to partner with commercial real estate firms. Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that ensures that your website is seen by people looking for your services on search engines. Rather than hoping that someone thumbing through a phone book discovers your commercial real estate firm, you now can make sure that you appear in front of qualified customers. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant facet of digital marketing. The most popular aspects of search engine optimization include:

  • Keyword research – These are the keywords and phrases that your potential customers are inputting into search engines. In the case of a commercial real estate firm, these could be “commercial real estate firms in Miami” or “how to invest in Los Angeles commercial real estate.”
  • Content creation – Creating content includes incorporating your keywords while representing a relevant and helpful source for your readers. Here, for example, you could detail the inner workings of Los Angeles real estate investing. This adds credibility to your business, which attracts future customers to your website.
  • Website optimization – Website optimization is the act of making your website user-friendly and effective. Google and Bing investigate these factors when they undergo their search engine rankings.
  • Link building – Link building is an SEO strategy that improves a ranking by earning credibility through external websites linking to your website.

Real Estate Marketing

How Can Commercial Real Estate Firms Use PPC Marketing?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a search engine marketing strategy that requires companies to pay every time that a searcher navigates onto a website through paid advertisements. A search engine paid advertising space is extremely visible to searchers because it is located under the search bar but above organic search results. Another advantage that PPC marketing has is the fact that Google and Bing’s advertising platforms offer a vast array of analytics available to digital marketers, which allows for our PPC specialists to make timely adjustments, as necessary.

How Can Commercial Real Estate Firms Use Social Media Marketing?

Your potential customers are keen on your social media presence when they are searching for firms to partner with. Social media is used in commercial real estate digital marketing to share engaging content and reach more customers to funnel them into your website. Once they are on your website, customers can read your blog and even convert them to your landing page. Customers looking to invest in commercial real estate generally look to learn more about it. Social media platforms allow your business to post photos, videos, and even infographics to educate your potential customers. Tandem’s social media marketing team meticulously constructs content calendars and hashtag/outreach strategies to enhance your digital marketing strategies.

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