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Your printing and publishing business needs to use digital marketing to reach more customers and potential readers. Tandem’s expert team can assist you in maximizing your digital marketing strategy.

 Whether you are a printing and publishing company that produces newspapers, books, magazines, comics, graphic novels, or if you are any other type of publishing house, digital marketing for the printing and publishing industry needs to be a cornerstone of your marketing and outreach strategies.


The Importance of Marketing for Printing & Publishing

How Can Search Engine Optimization Help Both Printing and Publishing Businesses?

Search engine optimization for printing and publishing is used by businesses that sell books and graphic novels to reach more readers on search engines. Whenever someone wants to purchase a book or graphic novel, they use search engines to search for a title, genre, or author they are interested in.  When they input their search query into a search engine like Google, its algorithm will crawl websites to determine their relevance to a search query.

Our SEO team works to ensure that Google or Bing recognizes your website or landing page as a high-quality option to a searcher. SEO works for customers looking for printed pieces, whether it’s a specific book, graphic novel, author, or even if they are looking to discover new authors. Search engine optimization is a rather vast umbrella of printing and publishing digital marketing. The range of services include:

  • Keywords – Users search for books and graphics by using a string of keywords. Tandem’s SEO worker bees have experience in using specialized software and research techniques to discover the words that your potential customers are using.
  • Content creation – When we discover the keywords your potential customers are using, we plan an effective content strategy. Our content will attract your potential readers to your website because of how engaging and relevant it is to them while boosting your visibility on search engines.
  • Link building – Links going to your website is important in determining your placement on search engines because they are one aspect of building your website’s credibility. Our SEO team is highly experienced in earning links from credible websites, such as links from a famous blog or established book or novel business.
  • Website user-friendliness – Google’s competitive advantage lies in its usefulness to users. If a website is responsive to multiple devices and easy to use, a search engine’s algorithm will naturally make it more visible to searchers. 



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Unique Digital Marketing Opportunities

How Can PPC Help Printing and Publishing Businesses?

Pay-per-click marketing for printing and publishing and search engine optimization are the biggest branches of search engine marketing. Search engine marketing’s primary advantage for printing and publishing businesses lies in making websites more visible to people interested in purchasing a book or purchasing a subscription to a magazine or newspaper. In PPC, online visibility gets increased thanks to a relatively complicated keyword research and bidding process. In addition, PPC aids digital marketing for printing and publishing campaigns by placing them on Google’s paid advertising space.

When a printing and publishing business uses keywords like “fantasy magazine subscription” or “best graphic novels to give as a gift,” a search engine takes which business has the best combination of keywords and budget to decide which companies they place on the most visible portion of the search engine results page, or SERP. Our PPC specialists work to aid your paid search engine marketing strategies by:

  •         Providing accurate and timely reporting.
  •         Effectively honing in on your target audience.
  •         Retargeting previous customers.
  •         Expertly modifying PPC campaigns according to your goals.


Social Media for Printing and Publishing Businesses

Social media for printing and publishing is used in printing and publishing digital marketing to attract customers by using content strategies and initiating conversations with them. Printing and publishing companies – especially magazines – need to use social media as a consolidated front with their other content strategies. For example, since printing and publishing businesses sell products that typically deal with written words, they could include snippets of whatever content they have published on their website. These snippets entice potential customers to check out the content on your website, which increases the possibilities of a customer realizing a conversion. When used in combination with SEO and PPC, social media marketing adds incredible depth to your printing and publishing digital marketing campaigns.

Tandem is a boutique digital marketing agency. Our full suite of printing and publishing digital marketing strategies helps businesses connect with customers on the internet. Give us a buzz today to learn more.


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