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Digital Marketing for Small Law Firms

Getting new clients for your firm can be tough. Use digital marketing for small law firms to attract new clientele to your practice!


Marketing for Your Law Firm

Even though they might be lacking the weight of a larger law firm, small firms cannot afford the luxury of neglecting the proper implementation of digital marketing. Digital marketing could prove to be a difference-maker when it comes to the number of new clients that stream into a website or through the doors of your practice. In previous years, smaller firms needed to carve out their specific niche and use traditional marketing strategies to capture their attention. Now, firms could use modern marketing strategies like search engine marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing to create an effective marketing and outreach strategy. 

How Can Small Law Firms Use Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is one of the most popular facets of digital marketing because search engines are one of the first places that someone in need of a lawyer goes to search for one. Making sure that your practice is one of the first that a searcher sees translates to higher web and foot traffic streaming into your business. Search engine marketing consists of two services: pay-per-click (PPC)  marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Though they work differently, both marketing practices make it easy for your target audience to be made aware of your practice.


Opportunities for Growth

Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation for Small Law Firms

Search engine optimization is a wide umbrella of digital marketing, but its primary purpose is to slowly develop a website that represents a valuable resource to searchers. The more valuable a website resource is to customers, the higher it will rank on search engine results pages (SERP). An easy way to create a valuable resource for customers is to maintain a blog that touches on any pertinent issues your law firm has experienced. For example, suppose your business has plenty of experience dealing with DUI proceedings. In that case, it should upload specific blogs with topics that discuss DUI court rules and how a defendant could best prepare himself. Your website turns from a simple web page into a valuable resource by maintaining a blog like this.

PPC Marketing for Small Law Firms

PPC marketing is a marketing strategy that makes companies’ websites visible on search engines by placing them on their paid advertising space. A search engine’s paid advertising space is located directly underneath the search bar and above the organic search results. To place a website on this paid advertising space, a small law firm needs to choose keywords to bid on. Depending on the specificity of the keywords, the amount of budget allocated, and the quality of its website, a small firm will be able to be ranked higher than its competition. 

Social Media Marketing for Small Law Firms

Since small law firms could be seen as more personable than larger ones, social media marketing could prove to be a valuable facet of marketing strategies. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are excellent platforms for sharing photos and videos of your business and what kind of value you provide to clients. Ideas for content that you could upload to your social media platforms include infographics that explain common court proceedings, interviews with the partners of the firm, and even interviews with past clients. Tandem’s social media marketing experts grow your presence on social media platforms thanks to our outreach strategies. 

Email Marketing for Small Law Firms

Email marketing is one of the most helpful marketing strategies, thanks to most people having at least one email account that they pay attention to. People having email accounts makes it easy for law firms to communicate with their customers, regardless of the stage of the buying process they are in. An example of a marketing email that you could use is a newsletter that details any new happenings in the law that your practice exercises. This could be a change in jurisdiction, rules, and similar.

Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts create email marketing campaigns that nurture leads and work towards creating a solid book of business. 


How Tandem Can Help You

 Interested in Tandem’s Small Law Firm Marketing Strategies?

Aside from search engines, social media, and email marketing, Tandem offers a full suite of digital marketing services. Our worker bees also provide video marketing, creative services, local SEO, and reputation management, among many others. Contact us today to learn more. 

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