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Digital Marketing for Intellectual Property Lawyers

The online world has provided new platforms for intellectual property lawyers to market themselves to people in need of their services through digital marketing for intellectual property lawyers.


Raising Your Practice's Visibility

Intellectual property lawyers have seen a rise in demand as the internet has made sharing works of art easier than ever before. With this new ease of sharing and discussing works of art, there has been an accompanying rise in people having their intellectual property illegally downloaded, sold, or shared. When this happens to someone’s work of art, they often need the assistance of intellectual property lawyers to help them resolve their issue.

 SEO Marketing for Intellectual Property Lawyers

The first step to implementing an SEO strategy is understanding the sensibilities of an intellectual property lawyer’s target audience. After understanding what the target audience is looking for in their lawyers, intellectual property lawyers should optimize their website and upload content that speaks to their target audience. To illustrate, explaining what defines copyright infringement and what does not through a series of blog posts is sure to generate web traffic from people interested in hiring a lawyer. Your credibility and authority on intellectual property are what your practice needs to rest its laurels on, and there is no better way to showcase it than maintaining a blog that touches on topics like these. 

Search engine optimization also helps intellectual property lawyers become more visible on search engine results pages when done correctly. Although this is a relatively slow and steady process, lawyers need to utilize it to appear on organic search engine results. Obtaining a high placement on organic search results is conducive to higher revenue because more people who search for “copyright lawyers” or “intellectual property law” will encounter your business’s website. Once on your website, they will read your authoritative content and be more likely to fill out a lead or contact form. 


Marketing Done The Right Way

PPC Marketing for Intellectual Property Lawyers

PPC marketing is another effective method for getting qualified leads from search engines. Instead of slowly building credibility through content creation and website optimization, PPC marketing entails performing keyword research and placing an appropriate bid behind them, resulting in them appearing on a search engine result page’s paid advertising space. Much like SEO, PPC marketing requires understanding what your target audience is searching for and the words and phrases they are inputting into search engines to discover intellectual property lawyers. These could be “intellectual property lawyers near me” or “no win no fee intellectual property lawyers.” Since SEO and PPC present different advantages for intellectual property lawyers, they should be used in tandem to fully benefit from effective digital marketing for intellectual property lawyers. 

Social Media Marketing for Intellectual Property Lawyers

In addition to search engines, the rise of social media marketing and mobile devices have placed them as some of the most important places to market businesses. Now that most potential customers have instant, around-the-clock access to their social media profiles, marketing an intellectual property law practice on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has become a necessity. Social media content like photos and videos that explain the inner workings of intellectual property law accomplishes much of the same goals that SEO content creation strategies do. The content that goes onto your social profiles should educate customers, but in a more engaging way than through the written word. Infographics and diagrams are good ways to strike a balance between visually attractive and informative content. 

Another good use of social media is by using it as a means of growing your following and reach. By interacting with people who are prominent in intellectual property law, your profile will be naturally promoted by Instagram’s algorithm to people within the sphere. 


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