Digital Marketing for the Insurance Industry

Insurance – everybody needs it in one way or another. With such a demand, there are many companies, agencies, and brokers competing for the same customer base.

As more consumers complete their customer journey in digital spaces, an online presence is imperative for any company within the insurance industry. Are you sure that you’re reaching the right customers? Are you standing out from your competitors? Let our digital marketing experts at Tandem help ensure your successful digital presence. We’re pros when it comes to the latest digital marketing trends in insurance, and we combine these trends with time-tested marketing techniques to give your company a digital advantage. Looking for the best insurance marketing ideas? Let our team help with custom online marketing services!


Online Insurance Marketing Strategy

While there are many different approaches to digital marketing, there are three key players that make a huge impact: SEO, PPC, and social media. At Tandem, we focus on these and many other online marketing techniques to provide the right online marketing for insurance agents, brokers, companies, and more. Here’s how these three techniques work in tandem to ensure your ideal online marketing approach.

First, we’ll start with SEO. Search engine optimization is more of a long game when it comes to digital marketing trends in insurance. Our SEO team builds a list of keywords that are relevant to your business, industry, and audience. Then, we optimize your website to help you rank high in Google search results for those keywords. This way, your customers can find you when they’re searching for specific terms.

Pay-per-click advertising works in a complementary way, providing faster results, though short-lived unless properly managed. In a PPC strategy, keywords are also relevant. But instead of using these keywords in content, you bid on these words in order for your ads to appear in search results. When users search those terms. your site will come up in the Ads portion at the top of the results page on major search engines. In order to run efficient, effective campaigns, it requires consistent management and adjustment, and our PPC experts are more than up to the task.

Social media is another important component of online marketing for insurance agents and industry professionals. Social media marketing for insurance is relatively new, but it’s one of the top digital marketing trends that can greatly benefit the insurance industry. First, social media is the ideal method for reaching age-specific targets such as millennials. Social media serves to promote brand awareness, but it is also a great opportunity for reputation management and paid advertising as well.

Online Marketing for Your Insurance Business

At Tandem, we use these and many other approaches when it comes to digital marketing for the insurance industry. Our services are trusted by many different industry professionals, including companies specializing in:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Health Insurance

We work with many different professionals in the insurance industry. In addition to assisting insurance companies, we also work with agents and brokers, providing customized digital marketing approaches. Staying on top of the newest digital marketing trends in insurance, standing out in search results, and getting the right ROI start by contacting our team at Tandem. We’re here to help!


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