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Many states have legalized sports gambling, which has opened the floodgates for increased demand for sportsbooks. The increased need for sportsbooks has translated to a competitive marketing landscape for the industry, especially with several large companies wanting a piece of the pie. Sportsbooks who want to stand out from their competitors should use digital marketing to lead users onto their websites, where they will be more inclined to use their services. Aside from leading people onto websites, sportsbook digital marketing campaigns work towards making your website an authoritative source for sports gamblers, which could lead to an increase in word-of-mouth marketing and repeat visitors. By using search engines and multiple social media platforms, your sportsbook could work towards turning the hordes of potential customers on the internet into recurring ones. Tandem’s full suite of digital marketing strategies is used to help sportsbooks reach their target audience effectively. Give our worker bees a buzz today to learn more. 

How Can a Sportsbook Use Social Media Marketing?

Instagram and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms used by online sports gamblers, especially young bettors. The people who use your sportsbooks will most likely want to follow you on these platforms to keep themselves updated on any relevant news or betting odds. Utilizing social media marketing is not only an excellent way to retain your current customers, but it is one of the best ways to attract new ones. For example, many people looking for new sportsbooks are keen on the odds that some matches have. Instagram and Twitter give sportsbooks a golden opportunity to show their knowledge and odds in an attractive package, in addition to showcasing relevant statistics that bettors find interesting.  An example would be a video with a betting expert explaining the odds of a Monday Night Football matchup between the Chiefs and the Ravens, along with each quarterback’s completion percentage and past statistics facing each other. Posts like these educate users and make them view your sportsbook as a valuable gaming resource, leading to more customers for your sportsbook. 


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What Is Sportsbook SEO?

Aside from social media platforms, people looking for sportsbooks are likely to use search engines as a tool for discovering them. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is used in sportsbook digital marketing campaigns to ensure that a website is visible to people using search engines to find sportsbooks. While SEO is a digital marketing strategy with a rather large amount of tactics under its umbrella, the most useful for sportsbooks is content marketing. 

How Can Content Marketing Be Used in Sportsbook Digital Marketing and SEO?

An important factor in how a search engine decides its rankings is a website’s content. When someone searches for a sportsbook, a search engine instantly “crawls” a website to determine if its content is relevant to someone looking for a sportsbook. The more diverse, high-quality, and relevant your website’s content is, specifically, the web pages and blog posts, the more visible your website will be on Google or Bing. 

Sportsbooks have a relative advantage in content marketing compared to other businesses because there is so much that can be written about. There are always sports going on somewhere, and there is surely a solid betting market for it. For example, your sportsbook should upload content containing short snippets of random matches and betting odds, long-form blog posts that detail what odds mean, or post the right strategy to use when constructing a fantasy football lineup. In many ways, this completes the same goals that social media marketing completes, but with the added benefit of higher search engine visibility. 

How Can a Sportsbook Use Email Marketing?

Emails are still a foundational element for any business. Most people are extremely attentive to their email addresses and often have more than one address, making email a premier marketing option. Promotional emails could be used by sportsbooks to increase both brand awareness and revenue. Examples of effective promotional emails could include reminders of the beginning of seasons, specials, and even giveaways. When coupled with informative newsletters, sportsbook email marketing could prove to be an effective sportsbook digital marketing strategy. 


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