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Digital Marketing for Recreation Spaces

Recreation spaces like theme parks, water parks, action parks, and escape rooms can use digital marketing to attract more customers. Tandem’s worker bees can craft a winning digital marketing strategy for your recreation space.


Marketing Recreation Spaces Online

Over the weekend, everyone enjoys a drive to let loose, to take their families on a quick but exciting getaway, or to spend some memorable time away from home. Some of the most popular places that people are looking to have fun are recreation spaces. Recreation spaces include places like theme parks, water parks, and escape rooms, among other locations. If you are a business owner that is looking to sway many people into visiting your recreation space, Tandem’s digital marketing for recreation spaces strategies can assist your business garner more attention from potential customers.

Digital Marketing for Recreation Spaces

Tandem’s digital marketing for recreation spaces services pushes more people through the doors of your business by making your business more visible on platforms that your customers use to search for the places they want to take your family. Before the internet, recreation spaces had to advertise on highway-side billboards or by using brochures in hotel lobbies. Now, recreation spaces do not have to rely on potential customers being around their location to capture their attention. Thanks to the internet, there is no reason why a recreation space in Orlando, Florida, should not reach prospective customers all over the United States. Partnering with our boutique digital marketing agency is one of the best ways that your business can take advantage of the power of digital marketing for recreation spaces. Specifically, your recreation space could use digital marketing services like local SEO and social media marketing to improve its bottom line.

Unique Opportunities for Recreation Space Marketing

How Can I Use Social Media to Improve My Recreation Space?

Social media is an interesting platform for theme parks, water parks, or escape rooms to use because it allows them to showcase their facilities and customer experiences to the whole world. Not only can a theme park select which aspects of a recreation space to showcase to their potential customers, but current visitors will also share their own unique experiences with their followers on social media. This essentially functions as free advertising for your business.

What Is the Best Way That a Recreation Space Can Use Recreation Space Digital Marketing?

If you own a theme park, you could use social media marketing for recreation spaces to show what differentiates your park from the rest. There are a few platforms available for theme parks to showcase what differentiates their business from the rest than social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Another advantage that social media marketing has is that digital marketers can cater their digital campaigns to whichever target audience a recreation space may have. For example, more family-oriented theme parks or water parks will choose to display the high number of happy families and children in attendance to encourage more families to come. A historical space and nature reserve that wishes to attract more people interested in nature or history will choose to upload content that highlights the beauty of a natural park or the historical significance of a monument to attract their target audience. No matter what your target audience is, Tandem’s social media marketing experts crafts social media campaigns for recreation spaces like:

  •         Theme Parks
  •         Action Parks
  •         Escape Rooms
  •         Water Parks
  •         Nature Parks
  •         Swimming Pools
  •         Historic Spaces
  •         Beaches

A social media marketing campaign tailored towards your recreation space is proven to drive more customers into your park and increase your revenue. Give our social media experts a buzz today to learn more.

How Does Recreation Space Local SEO Drive Customers Into My Business?

While reaching customers across the country, using social media marketing is always advantageous. Thanks to their proximity, local customers are usually the first people to check out recreation spaces like beaches and natural parks. Local SEO for recreation spaces ensures that your local customers are aware of your business. By using Google Maps marketing and focusing on the keywords that your local customers are using, your local customers will be made more aware of your recreation space and will be more likely to visit you.


How Tandem Can Help You

While local SEO and social media marketing are foundational aspects of digital marketing for recreation spaces, we offer a full suite of digital marketing services for our varied clientele. Our full suite of digital marketing services includes:

You can view our full list of digital marketing services here.

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