Digital Marketing for Museums

As a player in the tourism industry, museums need to leverage digital marketing for the art industry strategies like search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing.


Museum Marketing

Museums are a popular destination for tourists in cities with important cultural representation like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Even though they are a large part of the art industry, they need to have unique digital marketing for museums strategies to make sure that they reach the right customers. Further, since museum-goers are not always tourists, some may need to use digital marketing services that cater exclusively to their local customers. Whether your museum is catered towards tourists or residents, Tandem is here to help you.

SEO for Museums

People who enjoy visiting museums are likely to have an innate curiosity towards art, history, or science. These customers usually search the internet or their local library for any information about their favorite subjects. Since a museum is seen as a center for knowledge and everything pertaining to art and history, it is a highly sought-after resource for potential visitors. A museums’ popular search engine optimization strategy is to create and upload educational content on its website. 

For example, a history museum has plenty of opportunities to upload educational content. Here, a museum could segment their web site’s content by the time in history that they specialize in and the exhibits that they have available. A WW2 Museum could upload blog posts that detail the tanks and weapons that they have available, along with the history of these weapons and where they were used. This kind of historical content drives plenty of qualified traffic into your website and displays your authority to potential customers. This way, they will be more inclined to visit your museum or recommend it to their friends. 

Marketing Ideas for Museums

PPC for Museums

Digital marketing for museums would be incomplete without a successful PPC marketing strategy. PPC marketing is a search engine marketing strategy like SEO, with the difference that museums pay for keywords that they want to rank for. For example, museums could bid for keywords like “WW2 museums near me” or “best art galleries in Boca Raton.” This way, they are sure to appear when someone searches for these terms. When combined with search engine optimization for museums, a museum’s presence on Google or Bing would be second to none. Tandem’s PPC specialists meticulously perform keyword research to discover what keywords your potential customers are using so they flood your website or landing page. 

Social Media Marketing for Museums

Social media marketing is essential for a museum’s digital marketing strategy because it could give potential visitors a sneak peek of what they could expect when they pay for your museum’s entry fee. For art galleries, this could mean showing what new items you have on display along with the most popular pieces in the gallery. Like search engine optimization, social media marketing is a valuable tool given to museum curators that allows them to educate their customers through the captions on their photos or even with museum-produced videos. Through a curated social media presence, your museum can attract more potential visitors to your museum. Further, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook give museums the ability to launch paid advertising campaigns that place these advertisements directly on a potential customer’s feeds or using Facebook’s free-paid events.

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