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Digital Marketing for Modelling Agencies

Modelling agencies require a certain level of name value; using digital marketing for modelling agencies can help spread the word for your business.


Digitally Marketing Your Agency

Modeling agencies are highly sought-after institutions for private citizens and institutions of all kinds, especially those who want to become models and movie sets or production companies with extras in their productions. No matter the kinds of target customers that modeling agencies go after, they are most likely using the internet to connect with them. Online platforms like Google, Instagram, and Facebook are the most universally used sources of information for people in need of modeling agencies. They need to be taken advantage of with digital marketing for modeling agencies. Tandem’s digital marketing services include search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing. Give us a buzz today to learn more. 

SEO for Modeling Agencies

Search engine optimization is used by modeling agencies and businesses of all kinds to appear on search engine results pages. Search engine results pages are what searchers for modeling agencies on Google and Bing see after they type something into the search bar and press enter. Therefore, effectively using SEO concepts like content creation, website optimization, and link building makes your business more likely to receive traffic from qualified customers. 

One way that a modeling agency could use search engine optimization is by leveraging link building. Link building strengthens modeling agency digital marketing strategies by gaining references from websites that build credibility. For example, getting a model that has worked with the modeling agency and now has her own website to link the agency in her content adds credibility to your website in the eyes of search engines and visitors. This added credibility is conducive to higher search engine rankings. Because it is their principal value proposition, Google and Bing are perpetually looking for credible websites to show to customers. Aside from link building, Tandem’s digital marketing experts use other search engine optimization efforts like: 

  • Content creation
  • Link building
  • Website audits 
  • And much more

Growing Your Business Online

PPC Marketing for Modeling Agencies

PPC marketing for modeling agencies is designed to place websites on a search engine’s paid advertising space, such as on Google or Bing. This paid advertising space is an especially useful place for modeling agencies to advertise their business because it is located directly under the search bar but above the organic search results. Put simply, PPC marketing entails researching the keywords that a modeling agency’s target customers are using to connect with modeling agencies. These keywords could be geo-targeted or could even reflect the type of customer that an agency mostly wants to attract. For example, “Modeling agencies in Miami” or “male modeling agencies near me” are the best kinds of keywords to leverage because they experience high search volume and are likely to be used by people farther along the buying process. 


Social Media Marketing for Modeling Agencies

Digital marketing for modeling agencies needs to leverage a touch of social media marketing to enjoy a well-rounded strategy. Modeling agencies need to be especially attuned to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook because they are so visually based. On Instagram and Facebook, modeling agencies could upload photos and videos that showcase the work that the models on your roster have completed in the past, so potential partners or clients have a rough idea of the kind of work that your agency is capable of. Having an attractive social media presence also helps to propagate your branding efforts. Our social media marketing experts are experienced in crafting brands, telling their stories, and attracting the right kinds of customers through their social media profiles. 


Partnering With Tandem to Grow Your Business

Digital Marketing for Modeling Agencies

Modeling agencies could benefit from a lot more digital marketing services than search engine marketing services and social media marketing. Tandem’s full suite of services includes: 

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