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Art organizations in the modern era need to use digital marketing to influence more visitors, supporters, donors, and fans. Give us a buzz today to learn more about Tandem and how we can improve your business with our digital marketing for arts organization strategies.


Digital Marketing for the Arts

It’s important for museums, art, and other businesses that propagate culture to use digital marketing to reach their customers. As with businesses in other industries, reaching a steady supply of new customers and ensuring that current ones are still in touch with the business is paramount. The internet has made it easier than ever before to do exactly that. Tandem’s digital marketing strategies take advantage of modern consumers’ propensity towards relying on the internet to find everything. Using our digital marketing strategies for the arts, your museum or business that deals with art can reach the customers that are so important for your business.

SEO for Museums

Being such an important part of conserving culture, those pulling the strings of the museum are in high demand in this industry. Search engine optimization is a digital marketing for the arts tool that people who work in the museum industry use to ensure that traffic goes into their website thanks to their visibility on search engines. The logic behind using search engine optimization is that the more visible a museum curator, archivist, conservator, or director is, the more likely a qualified customer is to find their website. Once a potential customer navigates onto a website, they can be influenced by the high-quality content and blog posts that the professional writing team at Tandem creates.

Search engine optimization eases the process of making sure that a potential customer purchases your product or service. Aside from optimization, our SEO team offers content creation and link building, which are key factors in a search engine’s ranking.

Marketing Ideas for the Art Industry

SEO for Art

Along with museums, Tandem offers people in the art industry the ability to market themselves on search engines. We work with art galleries, art supplies, art sales, photography, and sculptures/statues to ensure that they reach the millions of people searching for their services on search engines. Tandem’s keyword research efforts allow us to know exactly the words and phrases that your potential customers are using to find businesses like yours on the internet. Once we discover what these keywords are, we turn them into engaging content that speaks to your potential customers.

For art supplies and photography businesses, these keywords and accompanying blog posts and web content could be those detailing what kinds of paint and material are better for certain paintings or works of art. Once a search engine recognizes that your website includes content useful for visitors, it will naturally push your website to the most visible portions of a search engine results page. Like our SEO for museum services, we also offer link building and website optimization services for our clients.

PPC Marketing for Art/Museums Businesses

While search engine optimization is a valuable part of art and museum digital marketing efforts, they are not the only digital marketing service available to our clients in these industries. We offer our clients an accompaniment to organic search engine marketing strategies in the form of PPC marketing. PPC marketing allows art dealers or museums to skip the “dirty work” of creating content and discovering keywords that resonate with your customers. Instead, PPC allows your business to bid on keywords and pay whenever customers navigate onto your website from an ad.  This digital marketing strategy could prove to be especially useful for art galleries or museum curators that look to reach a steady stream of new customers within a specified geographic area.  Our PPC specialists can help you seamlessly implement this art and museum digital marketing strategy into your organic search strategy.

Social Media Marketing for Art/Museums Businesses

Social media is an incredibly useful tool for any business that looks to modernize its marketing efforts. Sharing engaging content in the form of photos and videos is one of the best ways a business could connect with its potential customers. If a potential customer connects with your content, the chances that they navigate onto your website increase. Aside from evoking an emotional response from your target audience, this content could also serve to educate your potential customers on the ins and outs of your specific industry. For example, this could be content explaining the benefits of your material or how your museum should be curated according to the current season.

Tandem offers clients in these industries a variety of digital marketing for the arts strategies. Our full suite of services is available here. Give us a buzz today to learn more.


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