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Digital Marketing for Art Galleries

Depending on the kind of art that your art gallery showcases, you will need to cater to different customers by utilizing a different mix of digital marketing services


Art Gallery Marketing

No one knows the importance of your art gallery more than you do. Fortunately for you, cultural spaces like art galleries are always in demand by those who want to explore artistic expressions or experience something new. Tandem’s digital marketing experts can construct an art gallery digital marketing campaign that uses the perfect blend of digital marketing services for your art gallery. These could be search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing. Below, our digital marketing team explains the best applications of digital marketing for your art gallery. 

Local SEO for Art Galleries

Local SEO is important for art galleries because they are generally tourist attractions and have brick-and-mortar locations that are frequented by people close to their geographic location. Properly leveraging local SEO entails using localized keywords and other geo-targeting strategies to make sure that your website is populating a local searcher’s search engine results page. For art galleries that want to utilize local SEO, it is necessary for them to target local keywords that relate directly to their general location or city. Leveraging local SEO like this makes it more likely for your art gallery to be found on Google Maps or other local directories. 

For example, if your business’s website contains keywords like “Miami art gallery” or “best New York City art gallery,” it is more likely to appear on Google Maps and local search engine results. One way to successfully leverage local SEO is to create a GMB listing for your art gallery. Google My Business listings are a way for art galleries to create intuitive profiles on Google so searchers can quickly see your phone number, address, and a curated selection of photos. It is important for businesses to implement GMB listings into their digital marketing campaigns because these ensure that customers can find you on Google Maps within seconds. 

Marketing Ideas for Art Galleries

Social Media Marketing for Art Galleries

Digital marketing for art galleries would be incomplete without social media marketing. Social media marketing allows art galleries to share content with people interested in visiting your art gallery. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, art galleries need to be present and engaging on social media platforms so that their potential clients are more inclined to visit their gallery and perhaps become members. On social media, you could detail some of the histories behind the collection in your gallery so that it is more attractive to potential guests. 

Once your social media presence is captivating, it will be more conducive to driving traffic and engagement for your art gallery’s website or landing page. Ideas for engaging social media content that should be used by art galleries include photos of the newest additions to the art gallery or videos of any events that your gallery has hosted. When your art gallery has a solid presence on search engines and social media, more of your potential customers will become aware of you and be more inclined to walk through your doors or purchase a membership. 

Many social media platforms have many features that art galleries should look to take advantage of to perform better outreach tactics. For example, using the Facebook Groups feature is an excellent way to keep your followers updated on any events and offers that may be occurring in your art gallery. 

Online Marketing for Art Gallery Strategy

Online marketing for art galleries needs to be diverse and well-rounded to be at their most effective. Aside from local SEO and social media marketing, Tandem offers the following services:

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