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Marketing Your Studio Digitally

Is your animation studio visible on search engines and engaging on social media platforms? Being both visible and engaging on the internet is essential for an animation studio’s success in the modern business world. If your animation studio lacks significant traffic coming from search engines and social media platforms to your website, it might be time to consider leveraging digital marketing for animation studios. Tandem’s Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts are well-versed in creating digital marketing campaigns that take advantage of multiple platforms that an animation studio’s potential customers frequent. These include search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing strategies. Continue reading or give us a buzz today to learn more. 

Search Engine Marketing for Animation Studios 

Search engines are the principal platforms for individuals either looking for items on the internet or browsing animation studios to partner with. Since people have grown accustomed to finding information rapidly, they rarely have enough patience to scroll down to the lower sections of a search engine results page to discover the animation studios their search has yielded. Search engine marketing combines digital marketing for animation studio strategies that work to place an animation studio’s website closer to the top and on the most visible portions of a search engine results page. Specifically, these search engine marketing strategies are known as SEO and PPC marketing. 


Using the Tools For Growth

Search Engine Optimization for Animation Studios

Search engine optimization is one of the “organic” search engine marketing strategies. Being an organic strategy, SEO does not require that an animation studio put money behind its campaigns. Search engine optimization requires that an animation studio slowly improve the quality of their website so that Google or Bing’s algorithm recognizes that their website presents value to their searchers, in turn making the website more visible. An animation studio could make sure that their website is high quality by maintaining a blog that details how animation tells stories and information. The blog not only works to rank your website higher on search engine results pages, but it also positions your business and its blog as an authoritative figure in the industry. 

PPC Marketing for Animation Studios

PPC marketing is not an organic digital marketing for animation studio strategy. PPC does not work organically, but instead, it requires that businesses bid on keywords that their potential customers are using to appear on a paid advertising space. These keywords could be anything from the style of animation that your studio offers to the geographic location of your studio. PPC marketing makes sure that your studio’s website appears on a search engine’s paid advertising space, which is located under the search bar and directly above the organic search results. SEO and PPC provide different benefits for animation studios, which means that a well-balanced digital marketing for animation studios requires implementing both SEO and PPC. This ensures that your studio has a well-balanced approach to search engine marketing.


Social Media Marketing for Animation Studios

Since animation studios sell a mostly visual service, there is no better medium for sharing your expertise than social media marketing platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Animation studios could use these platforms to upload clips of their newest production or other marketing materials. This type of content is sure to be shared among other users, which leads to a studio increasing its follower count and reach. There are many other kinds of content that an animation studio could upload to their profiles as well. This includes announcements of partnerships and previews of projects that their staff has been working on. Depending on the audience that your production studio wishes to reach, it should use different platforms. A studio that wants to reach more professionally-minded individuals for future partnerships will use LinkedIn, while one that wants to reach more modern and young users will utilize Instagram and Twitter. 


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 Tandem’s Full Suite of Digital Marketing for Animation Studio Strategies

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