Digital Marketing for the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry, aka show business, is everyone’s favorite industry. It’s where we turn for laughs, drama, music, and so much more. At Tandem, we want to help your entertainment business stand out.

We offer entertainment digital marketing for all facets of the entertainment industry, from local record stores to production companies, copyright lawyers, agents, and beyond. With everyone online these days, digital marketing is an invaluable part of entertainment marketing strategies. Our marketing experts at Tandem can help you reach the right customers with a showstopping custom digital marketing plan.


The Importance of Entertainment Digital Marketing

There are many ways to reach your target audience, and digital outreach is becoming increasingly necessary. Think about it: when you need answers, you turn to Google. The same goes for your target audience. If you’re not working hard on improving your digital presence, your competitor is, and they may show up in search results before you. This can result in potential customers and clients choosing your competitor over you. Don’t worry – we’re here to help you claim your fame as the top results in Google search, and much more.

We customize entertainment marketing strategies for the digital space, focusing on efforts including, but not limited to, SEO, PPC, and social media. These approaches do more than solidify your online rankings, they can also help to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve reputation management
  • Draw more customers
  • Get a better ROI

Each strategy works to meet different goals by marketing for entertainment. Many businesses can benefit from SEO, or search engine optimization. Essentially, we create webpages, blogs, and other unique copy on your site to help your site rank in top spots for your most important keywords. Keywords can be things like “talent agent for new actors” or “custom art for sale.” We’ll create unique content that helps your site standout when your keywords are searched, giving you great standing above the competition.

PPC, or pay per click, is another technique we use when marketing for entertainment. Similarly, PPC hones in on specific keywords, but the results can be a lot faster. With PPC, our experts create ads that show up through Google AdWords, appearing in the ad sections of search results on Google. While SEO is more like a movie that takes some time to create, PPC is like a commercial that gets the word out quickly. But, just as with commercials, you need to continue paying to have your ads show up above others.

Social media is another approach that can be beneficial to entertainment digital marketing. Social media is key for communicating directly with customers through platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Social media isn’t just about sharing post after post, it’s also imperative to communicate and engage with your audience so they feel like a part of the show.

Let Tandem.Buzz Handle Things Backstage

Running any business within the entertainment industry can be a complex venture. Reaching the right customers, talent, distributors, and other audiences should involve a multifaceted advertising approach. Let our team at Tandem take care of the backstage aspects of digital marketing, letting you focus on the things that really matter. If you’re looking for better outreach, a better ROI, or a new approach to reaching your marketing goals, give us call today!


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