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Marketing for Culinary School

There is a high demand for culinary schools in states where the service industry enjoys a strong presence. Likewise, there is a fertile landscape for restaurants or hotels with restaurants in them wherever there is a strong service industry. Having such a prominent restaurant industry can tempt many people looking for a career in the service industry to reconsider their career trajectory or begin a new one right out of school. Further, culinary schools are a popular destination for those who enjoy cooking or baking. Tandem’s digital marketing places your school at the forefront of search engines and social media platforms. This marketing drives more qualified traffic into your websites and landing pages so your school could experience a noticeable uptick in enrollment and revenue. 

Digital Marketing for Culinary Schools

A trade school or culinary school’s website is the portal they have to the outside world. Here, they could share marketing material and convince their visitors to consider enrolling in a culinary program. Websites are so important that many customers will not consider patronizing a business that does not have an engaging website. 

Digital marketing looks to drive qualified traffic into websites through higher visibility on search engines coupled with an engaging content strategy on social media platforms. With a higher rate of qualified potential students streaming into your website or landing page, your culinary school can fully take advantage of the connectivity of the internet. 

To make a website more visible on search engines, which are the platforms that experience the most traffic on the internet, culinary schools need to utilize search engine optimization. SEO is a collection of strategies whose aim is to slowly improve the quality of a website so that a search engine is more likely to place it on the most visible section of a search engine results page. The most relevant search engine optimization strategy that culinary schools need to use is content creation. 

Creating content that speaks to a culinary school’s target audience is likely to make a website more visible on search engines, keep visitors on a website for longer, and increase your enrollment rate. Ideas for content that speaks to your target audience include an overview of the career prospects after culinary school, most popular recipes, etc. Basically, anything that has to do with cooking or becoming a chef is a good idea for content. 

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Social Media Marketing for Culinary Schools

Culinary schools need to implement social media marketing into their digital marketing strategies to take advantage of the reach and engagement that they give to culinary schools. Like search engine optimization, the content that culinary schools upload to their social media profiles should speak to their target audience. There is plenty of space to share content that leads more potential customers into websites and landing pages. For example, sharing photos and videos of the types of classes that students attend and which dishes they learn to make could spark the interest of potential students and entice them to visit your school or sign up for classes. 

When these posts lead social media users to your website, these newfound website visitors will already be prequalified because they will come in already interested in what your school has to offer. Tandem is experienced in constructing a consolidated digital marketing strategy that leverages an equal amount of SEO and social media marketing, getting more potential students to stream into your website. 

PPC Marketing for Culinary Schools

When potential students go on search engines to discover culinary schools, they usually use a similar combination of keywords and phrases. To make sure that your school appears when your potential customers search for these keywords, you need to outbid competitors through a search engine’s paid advertising platform. 

When a culinary school places a high enough bid for these keywords, their website will appear on a search engine’s paid advertising space. This paid advertising space is located directly underneath the search bar and in the most visible section of a search engine results page. When your culinary school combines search engine optimization, social media marketing, and PPC marketing, your digital marketing campaigns are sure to capture the attention of more qualified customers. 

Tandem offers its clients a full suite of digital marketing for culinary schools strategies. These include: 

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