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Your boarding school can use digital marketing to reach students and parents easily. Tandem’s digital marketing worker bees can help you reach a larger audience with our SEO, PPC, and social media marketing tactics.


Digital Marketing for Boarding Schools

Boarding schools need to have a steady stream of new students to maintain their financial standing. Hence, marketing represents an indispensable part of a boarding school’s operations. Nowadays, marketing is dominated mainly by digital methods like search engine optimization, PPC marketing, website optimization, and social media marketing, among many others. Tandem’s worker bees are well-experienced in crafting winning digital marketing campaigns for a large variety of clients, and there is no reason why your boarding school should be any different.

In the past, boarding schools relied on word-of-mouth and other traditional forms of marketing. Today, however, schools must adopt a digital marketing strategy to reach parents and even potential students. Below, we will give a more detailed explanation of digital marketing for boarding schools and some of its applications.

How Can a Boarding School Use Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization for boarding schools is the cornerstone of digital marketing for boarding schools. Search engines, essentially, are constantly updated encyclopedias that connect users with whatever product or service they need. For example, when a user inputs “boarding schools in New York,” the search engine will immediately show the user the most relevant boarding schools in New York in order of relevance, from highest to lowest. Naturally, the ones who are placed on the highest sections of a search engine results page are the ones who experience the most traffic.

Our search engine optimization team works to ensure that your boarding school’s website is recognized as relevant to related search engine queries. Some of the most effective ways to notify a search engine of your relevance to people looking for boarding schools are maintaining a blog and optimizing a website.

How Does Maintaining a Blog Help Search Engine Optimization Efforts?

Keywords are an essential part of search engine optimization strategies, as these words and phrases are those that people looking for boarding schools popularly use on Google. For example, these could be “best boarding schools in Pennsylvania” or “best all-boys boarding schools.” Since blogs are mostly written-word forms of communication, this presents a perfect platform for boarding schools to implement keywords into their websites, working towards a high search engine ranking.

However, a search engine does not only look for keywords when it judges where to place a website. A website’s content needs to be high-quality and engaging to rank highly on search engines. The best way to take advantage of blogging to aid SEO efforts is to write valuable content for readers, or specifically, content that answers questions about curriculums or that highlights previous students and other topics that parents or students demand.

How Does Website Optimization Help Search Engine Optimization Efforts?

Website optimization is another crucial component of search engine optimization. When a search engine looks for boarding schools to show searchers, one of the most significant factors they consider is the responsiveness of their website. Website optimization is used in digital marketing for boarding schools to ensure that their websites are user-friendly. Optimization makes it easier for users to navigate and find helpful information, such as your blog, and if a user can easily navigate your website, the possibility that they schedule tours or appointments increases.

Websites also need to be attractive to be considered by potential students or their parents. When a user navigates onto a website, they make assumptions of a business within seconds of viewing it. Tandem’s digital marketing worker bees can help make your website’s architecture as attractive and responsive as possible.


How Can Social Media Help My Boarding School?

Social media marketing for boarding schools is an excellent vehicle that your boarding school can use to drive its branding and outreach efforts. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are extremely popular among people looking for products and services of all kinds, including boarding schools. Photo and video sharing platforms are a great way to showcase what differentiates your boarding schools from the rest. This could mean sharing your staff, facilities, and unique classes. Another important advantage that social media marketing presents to boarding schools is the fact that it can direct traffic to your website.

What Other Digital Marketing Strategies Does Tandem Offer?

Tandem offers its clients a variety of different boarding school digital marketing strategies. These include:

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