Defense Online Marketing

Digital marketing for the defense industry is an excellent way for any aerospace defense, electronics defense, or defense vessel manufacturer to connect with qualified customers on the platforms they use to discover new businesses.

The defense industry is heavily involved in the American economy and one that moves a lot of money. Like any other business, a business in the defense industry needs a steady stream of new customers to remain afloat.


Digital Marketing for the Defense Industry

Most defense contractors or defense electronics business customers use the internet to find businesses to connect with. However, if your clients do not find you on the internet, there is a minimal chance that they will eventually become your customers. Tandem develops defense industry digital marketing strategies that make your business visible to customers on search engines and social media, where your online presence weighs the heaviest. 

Specifically, the sectors of the defense industry that we can design digital marketing strategies for are: 

  • Aerospace Defense 
  • Defense Electronics
  • Arms Manufacturers
  • Defense Vessels
  • Defense Contractors

Our most popular defense industry digital marketing services include our SEO and PPC services. Aside from these services, our boutique digital marketing agency offers social media marketing, landing page optimization, email marketing, reputation management, and more. Give us a buzz to learn more or discover the rest of our defense industry digital marketing services here. 

How Do SEO and PPC Improve my Defense Business?

These two digital marketing strategies are very popular for the defense industry because customers search for what they want on search engines to connect with the businesses that provide them. Both SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) for the defense industry marketing help businesses become more visible on search engines. 

How Does Search Engine Optimization for the Defense Industry Help My Business?

To completely understand how SEO for the defense industry is used to funnel traffic into websites, it is essential to know how it works. Search engine optimization takes advantage of the fact that a search engine’s value proposition to users lies in its ability to connect them with the most relevant websites to what they input on the search bar.  The logic is that if users find the information they were searching for quickly, they will keep using Google or Bing’s service because it connected them with what they wanted right away. So, a search engine’s algorithm will search every related website for any relevant information to a search query. Once a search engine’s algorithm has searched every website, it “ranks” them according to their relevance to a search query. 

Tandem’s worker bees work to make sure that your business is among the first few that are ranked. Our team conducts keyword research to find which keywords your potential customers are using the most. For example, if we discover that a popular keyword is “defense contractors in Virginia,” our team of professional writers will craft content in the form of blog posts and web pages. These pages would detail the benefits of partnering with a defense contractor in Virginia or what sets a defense contractor in Virginia apart from those in other parts of the country. Aside from influencing search engine results, this type of content will educate your potential customers.

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How Does PPC for the Defense Industry Help My Business?

PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing, which means that businesses pay a fee to a search engine whenever a customer navigates to their web page from a search engine. While this defense industry digital marketing strategy is closely related to SEO, a business that chooses to utilize PPC will not have to “earn” any organic traffic through creating high-quality blog posts or web pages. Let’s review the example of a defense contractor looking to be one of the first results on search engines when a prospective customer searches for their services on a search engine. If they decided to use PPC for the defense industry instead of SEO to increase their visibility, they would begin the process by choosing the correct keywords and spending the right amount for each keyword. Google’s algorithm decides which spot on its advertising space to put each offering. The website with the best combination of keywords and amount spent gets the highest listing, which is directly under the search bar. Tandem recommends that businesses use a combination of organic strategies like SEO and paid strategies like PPC to diversify their efforts with a well-rounded defense industry digital marketing strategy. 


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