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Internet Marketing for Home Brewing Equipment

If your business sells home brewing kits, it needs to begin to use digital marketing to market to its customers.


Digital Marketing for Brewing Suppliers

Homebrewing is a steadily growing hobby accompanying the rise of craft beers as more beer drinkers explore the different flavor profiles and variety that beer-making offers. This increase in demand has translated to an influx in searches conducted on Google and Bing from people looking to explore the world of homebrewing by making their own batches of beers. Whether they specialize in making kits that IPAs, lagers, porters, or stouts, these home brewing manufacturers need to use digital marketing for home brewing manufacturers strategies to reach their target audience. Below, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts will detail the best digital marketing applications that these businesses could utilize. 

SEO for Home Brewing Equipment Manufacturers

People who are just recently getting into home brewing will look for information regarding the best ways for beginners to get into the hobby and even which recipes they recommend for novices. To better understand this, they will need to read blogs or watch videos that walk them through the beginning stages of getting into a hobby. Which is the best equipment to use, how to choose the correct way to balance wheat and barley, and at which temperature to store newly brewed beer are examples of content that your home brewing manufacturing business should upload to its website. This kind of content should be aimed at educating customers so they keep going into your website. This higher website traffic is directly correlated with an increase in revenue and brand awareness. 

Aside from educating customers by presenting your website as a valuable source, creating content like this reinforces your digital marketing for home brewing equipment strategies because it increases where search engines rank websites on search engine results pages. Search engines want to place websites that are a valuable resource before others because this is how they make sure that people rely on them for longer. The practice of gradually improving your website’s ranking on search engine results pages is called search engine optimization

Additional Opportunities for Home Brewing Products

Social Media Marketing for Home Brewing Equipment Manufacturers

Like a home brewing manufacturer’s website should be used as a window into the hobby, a manufacturer’s social media profiles should be used as a platform for sharing educational content. Since most social media platforms are more geared towards sharing visual content like photos and videos, home brewing manufacturers should make the content that is uploaded on this platform mostly composed of pictures and videos. These could be infographics, photos of batches that other people have made, and even videos that walk viewers through making a certain kind of beer. 

This kind of content works towards forming a community of loyal customers. Since hobbies like home brewing usually thrive around small communities being built, a home brewing equipment manufacturer needs to implement social media marketing for home brewing equipment manufacturers. 


Our Full Suite of Digital Marketing for Home Brewing Equipment Manufacturers

Tandem understands that digital marketing is much more complex than SEO and social media marketing. We offer our brewery and home brewing industry clients tailored and personalized digital marketing for home brewing manufacturer strategy, including email marketing, video marketing, and reputation management, among many others. Contact our boutique Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency today to learn more.  

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