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Tandem thrives on helping businesses in the agribusiness and fishing industry utilize digital marketing to reach more qualified customers and drive them into websites through search engines and social media platforms.


Fish Farm Marketing

In the modern world, customers develop relationships with businesses they are interested in through the internet. The key to driving sales online is to make your business’s online presence personable and visible so it is more relatable to your target audience. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts know how to create an online presence for your fish farm that outranks any competitors and entices potential customers to commit to becoming a long-term partner. Our digital marketing strategies include search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing, among many others.  

Search Engine Optimization for Fish Farms

Google and Bing are the first places that a business or restaurant interested in purchasing from a fish farm go to discover which companies are best for their business. Different types of businesses will require different kinds of fish and will conduct searches on Google or Bing accordingly. It is best to cater to their inclinations to successfully target the niche that your fish farm is demanding. The business that best caters to their niche will be the one that is more visible on search engine results pages and the one that will generate the most revenue through these platforms. 

To make a business more visible on search engine results pages, fish farms need to utilize search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process where businesses slowly build a website that represents a valuable resource for customers. For someone that is looking to purchase products from a fish farm, these websites need to give detailed information that their target audience finds interesting. This information should be tailored to the niche that they wish to target. For example, a fish farm that produces salmon for sushi outlets should upload blog posts and articles that showcase their expertise in producing salmon fit for sushi consumption. This kind of content adds credibility to your business because it gives readers the impression that you are a leader in the field. Aside from making sure that content is tailored towards the niche that you are targeting, your website needs to make sure that it includes keywords that are popularly used by your target audience, so it appears on their search results.

Marketing for Fish Farmers

PPC Marketing for Fish Farms

PPC marketing needs to be implemented to bolster an SEO campaign to have successful digital marketing for a fish farm campaign. PPC marketing entails outbidding competitors on keywords that both their target audiences are using. For example, a fish farm that exclusively sells tilapia will want to bid on keywords like “tilapia fish farms” or anything similar. If they outbid their competitors for these highly demanded keywords, they are sure to attract more potential customers from search engines than their competitors. 

Discovering keywords that lead to an increase in sales is easier said than done. Tandem’s PPC marketing specialists undergo extensive keyword research to create a strategy that places your websites on the most visible sections of a search engine results page. When paired with content creation and other search engine optimization efforts, your website will experience a much higher conversion rate. 

Social Media Marketing for Fish Farms

Social media marketing entails leveraging popular social media platforms to help your search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) strategies. Like search engines, social media is one of the principal platforms used by modern people interested in fish farms to discover businesses and understand the value that they bring them. Not every fish farm brings the same value to potential customers, and the perfect way to differentiate themselves from others is to share content on social media that showcases their inventory and what they can provide. 

Social media platforms like Instagram are popularly used by businesses to conduct more in-depth outreach strategies, so their followers grow and their content reaches more eyeballs. Tandem’s social media marketing team conducts in-depth research and creative services, so your fish farm’s social media posts are effectively reaching your target audience while leading them through your doors. 

Online Marketing for Fish Farms

Online marketing may require implementing more digital marketing services than the ones detailed above. Depending on the characteristics and goals of your business, your business may need a combination of other digital marketing techniques. These include: 

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