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Local customers fuel the hospitality industry. If you wish to reach more customers in the area, local SEO is a vital part of a digital marketing strategy. Our digital marketing agency can assist your restaurant, hotel, or other establishments with local SEO for hospitality businesses to create a buzz in your community.


Hospitality Businesses Benefit from Local SEO

Digital marketing for the hospitality industry should include an effective local SEO strategy because it attracts guests and customers, making it quite profitable. Specifically, local SEO for hospitality businesses can help you connect with customers looking for your services in the area. The ability to hone in on local customers attracts many players in the hospitality industry to local SEO. 

Brand name and a solid online presence are essential to market your company successfully. Consistency is key. The name of your business, address and contact information should match across all platforms – from your website and directory listings to social media profiles and so on. Not only will this make it easier to rank higher on major search engines, but you project a clear image to potential customers, who will likely remember the name of your hospitality business, which could lead to a conversion and increased revenue.

Tandem’s team of worker bees regularly tracks several metrics, summarized in a monthly report, that can help inform the local SEO strategy for hospitality businesses to ensure a commanding presence across all online platforms.

Using Local SEO To Market Hospitality

At Tandem, our team of marketing experts uses local SEO for hospitality businesses to help you target specific markets. With a unique and comprehensive SEO strategy for hospitality businesses, we escalate your local search visibility and online presence for the area in which your company operates. Additionally, we aim to improve the rankings of your website, so your business comes out above your competitors. Our local SEO for hospitality marketing includes:

  • Keyword research 
  • Location-focused hospitality-based strategies
  • Analysis
  • Website review
  • Digital development strategy and content catered towards the hospitality industry
  • Local link acquisition strategy and campaign
  • Detailed monthly local SEO reporting

Tandem's Bees
Working For You

Hospitality is all about having a strong local presence. Your business must implement an online strategy that works for your location of choice, prioritizing local SEO for the hospitality industry. Maybe you have an established business looking to expand to other locations. In this case, it is vital to let the public know that your business is nearby and it offers what they need.

Tandem localizes with purpose, optimizes your website for responsiveness, and cleans up any other local listings in SERPs to ensure that everything is accurate and consistent across all platforms. Give our team a buzz today to learn more. 

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