Email Marketing for Franchises

If you’re looking to target an audience, send responsive emails, engage subscribers, bring in new customers, and track all the results, you need an email marketing team like the professionals at Tandem. Email marketing should be a business priority because it can have a significant impact on the success of your overall marketing campaign. That being said, email marketing for franchises is worth the investment. Email marketing is beneficial for big national brands and small businesses alike.


Why Do I Need Email Marketing for My Franchise?

Email marketing is a valuable component of your overall franchise marketing strategy. Partnering with the right email marketing team can help to build your brand and increase ROI. Email marketing for franchises is cost-effective and gives franchise owners the ability to establish direct contact with customers.

Digital marketing for franchises, specifically email marketing, can help establish clear and consistent messaging while continuing drive traffic to each store – being that franchises can be single locations, multi-locations, multi-state, small corporations, partnerships, solely owned, and more.

Having a group of digital marketing experts to handle your email campaigns day in day out will allow your business to create highly engaging emails, manage contacts, track click-through rates, utilize proven-template email layouts, utilize A/B testing, and much more.

Using Email Campaigns to Grow a Franchise

At Tandem.Buzz, we know the art of email marketing – how to grab and hold the attention of your customers, what words to use, where to place them, etc. We create emails with a clear message, call to action, and a seamless experience that keep customers engaged and subscribed. We do so with:

  • Opt-in email lists
  • Custom and proven email layouts
  • Tracking send, deliver, open, and click-through rates
  • Analyzing what content your customers want and need based on numerous factors
  • A/B testing email campaigns
  • Providing incentives
  • And much more!

Team Tandem
working for you

Because email marketing is interchangeable, it can be testing on numerous scales with simple approaches that can create a much greater response rate for your business. Enlist in the franchise marketing professionals at Team Tandem to convert your recipients into buyers and get your brand in front of consumers without having to break the bank.

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