Stephanie ‘KJ’ Kuljis

Social Media Strategist

Big Wins for 2020

  • For all social client accounts, the number of impressions YOY has gone up by 458% and our daily reach per profile has gone up 462%
  • Tandem’s followers YOY have gone up 157.14%
  • Tandem was recognized by a significant account and went semi-viral on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok for the SEMrush TikTok video we made.

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KJ’s Story

Stephanie was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, and later relocated to sunny Fort Lauderdale. Not stopping her travels at such a young age, she has visited countries like Greece, France, Colombia, and many cities in the United States like Las Vegas. Stephanie’s globetrotting is reflected in her ability to speak three languages, which also allows her to fully immerse in foreign cultures or even South Florida’s diverse cultural landscape.

As for her professional skills, Stephanie takes pride in her ability to tell a brand’s story through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Her penchant for creativity is also manifested through her dexterity with a camera, which she uses to take professional photographs for clients around Las Olas Boulevard.

On her time off, she enjoys taking advantage of Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful weather by rollerblading while listening to her favorite oldies playlist. After a rollerblading session, she is warmly greeted by her two pugs at home. Admittedly spoiled, Quasimodo and Gnocchi take a page from her book and enjoy long walks and each other’s company more than anything. She is an old soul and thrives when she is around other creatives and stimulating company, making Tandem the perfect fit.

Professional Skills


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