Skyler Vasapolle

Marketing Assistant

Big Wins for 2020

  • Graduating Basic Combat/Military Police Training
  • Graduated at the top of her class
  • Maxing Army Physical Training Test

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Skyler’s Story

Freshman year of high school, Skyler had been accidentally placed in the Army Junior ROTC program by her school’s advisor, with no chance of getting it switched. Being she had ZERO interest in anything to do with the Military, she had to start off her year as a clueless, miserable Private. Something about big scary men yelling in her face “Give me 20!”, “Run faster!”, “Pay attention to detail!”, just was not her cup of tea. Until it was.

Four years later, graduating as the Battalion Command Sergeant Major, commanding all after school teams, receiving awards for her distinctive leadership and most improved, SHE became the one yelling “Give me 20!”, “Run faster!”, “Pay attention to detail!”. This program helped her learn all about her skills and capabilities and turned her into the stringent, gregarious person she is today. Forever giving thanks, to not only the Instructors of the JROTC program but also to the school’s lazy advisor for not accepting her request forms for a schedule switch.

Moving over two more years, Sky currently serves as a Military Police in the U.S Army and carries all her traits to Tandem in Human Resources! Some of the responsibilities of this position are performance management, responding to employee questions/concerns, recruitment, and acting as the chain between upper management and other employees. When Sky isn’t being screamed at by Sergeant’s or working as Tandem’s HR, she loves taking her pet pig “Peppa”, (Yes, a pig), for a swim in his kitty pool, go for runs on the beach boardwalk, or binge-watch the entire series of ‘Friends’ until she has every line of each episode memorized.

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