Sebastian Gonzalez

Organic Search Specialist

Big Wins for 2021

  • Leveraged geotargeting in Local SEO campaigns, increasing traffic and users
  • Increased users by 47 percent YoY for a company in the storage industry
  • Wrote blogs that led to an increase in organic search traffic for a family services account

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Sebastian's Story

Sebastian graduated from Florida International University in 2020. He enjoys reading and writing and joined Tandem in August 2020. If he is not at a driving range or riding his bike during the weekends, he likes to drink beer and watch his fantasy football team give yet another disappointing performance to end his week. Having spent most of his life in the Sunshine State, Sebastian likes to spend time outside, either barbecuing or playing sports with his friends.

At home, he enjoys the company of his dog Capo, which he takes on long walks and occasionally lets him eat leftovers from dinner. Overall, he is a pretty cool guy.

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