Sean Cornilliac

Director of SEO Strategy

Big Wins for 2021

  • Had my first son in October of 2021
  • Helped build an awesome SEO team with rockstar specialists
  • Went to Pubcon 2021 in Miami
  • Perfected migrating multiple domains and restructuring URLs in websites

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Sean’s Story

Sean has a strong work ethic, founded on the importance of being a team player. A believer in continual learning, Sean first obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University. He furthered his education at the Keller Graduate School of Management/Devry University, where he earned his Master’s Degree in Networking and Communication Management.

He works well with others and always exudes the most positive attitude in the office. Sean is highly experienced in developing SEO strategies by matching keywords, creating title tags, and writing to the fullest. He has vast experience with technical SEO, website taxonomy, complex non-branded SEO strategies, and teaching fundamentals of organic traffic to his team.

In addition to thoroughly enjoying SEO and watching it evolve, as a husband and a dad to three, Sean has his hands full when he isn’t at work.

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