Sarah Carangelo

PPC Specialist

Big Wins for 2020

  • Increased the conversion rate of a moving company +70% with the same spend. (84% more conversions than the previous 4 month period)
  • Decreased overall CPC 10% and increased phone call volume by 150%
  • Increased another moving company’s conversion rate +186% with a 17% overall increase in spend at a $500/month budget
  • Increased a storage company’s conversion rate +451.34% with 5% less spend than the previous 4 months. Increased conversion rate by +118% overall

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Sarah’s Story

Sarah Carangelo is a jack of all trades, master of none. Her skills range from solving Rubik’s cubes, to riding motorized surfboards (literally anything with a board, actually).  She, also, makes a killer bourbon old fashioned at Morton’s Steakhouse, where she bartends at night part-time. Her full-time job as Tandem’s newest PPC team member adds another skill to her always-growing list. Her analytics background and Google Ads experience made her the perfect addition to the team.

Sarah moved to Florida in 2013 from Connecticut because, like, who wouldn’t? She graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Business Major and math minor. After 5 years in the yacht management and luxury water toy industry, Sarah decided to switch waves and focus her efforts directly on marketing.

In Florida’s eternal summer, Sarah often practices wakesurfing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, surfing, longboarding, skateboarding and anything else you can get seriously injured doing. Basically, she owns a lot of helmets and bikinis. The only thing she loves more than being active is socializing. You can find her at a happy hour near you with a whiskey in hand. Jameson, anyone?

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