Ricky Garcia

Paid Search Assistant

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    Big Wins for 2021

    • After looking and hitting many walls after 10 months of looking for a job, I finally found a company worth working for!
    • I was able to say goodbye to my grandma in Puerto Rico

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    Ricky’s Story

    Born and raised in South Florida by two Puerto Ricans that chose to start a new life away from their homeland. Ricky Garcia began his life growing up loving 3 things. His family, Football, and music. Playing sports since the age of 9, Ricky has always had major support for the local teams (Go heat!). In high school, Ricky’s love for marketing was first discovered in his entrepreneurship class learning about topics like Business law, Marketing/advertising, and business presentations. After Graduating High school, Ricky decided to dive straight into his collegiate career in the summer of 2016 pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing From Florida International University, which he graduated from in the summer of 2021. Since then, he has been tunnel vision focused on taking the next step in the world of SEM and PPC marketing. Joining Tandem in November of 2021, Ricky is one of our newest bees ready to take on his role as a Paid Advertising Assistant.
    When Ricky isn’t taking his time optimizing ads or keywords, there is a possibility that you could catch him reading a new Manga volume or Comic book. He is also very fond of movies and loves listening to music while he works out. He hopes to be able to live in Puerto Rico on the coast with a beautiful view.

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