Rhea Cassimire

Organic Search Specialist

Big Wins for 2020

  • Received a promotion to manage an SEO Team.
  • Grew my skillsets in SEO best practices
  • Gained 5 number 1 spots on Google for queries and 1 answer box.

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Rhea’s Story

A lover of words, Rhea Cassimire is no stranger to spending all day with words. She obtained her degree in Communications from Florida Gulf Coast University, where she also studied Public Relations and fell in love with the world of marketing and advertising.

As a Communications major, she enjoys conversation, learning things about new people, and all things puppers— especially giving them boops. Her favorite pastimes include watching the sunrise every morning and taking long walks down Las Olas Blvd in the afternoons. She also enjoys filling her camera roll with every movement of her fur baby, Bacchus.  She thinks he’s just the most adorable thing because he is.

Rhea is a fan of all the yellow things and sunflowers. If she could live in a field of sunflowers, she would. Seriously, there is so much yellow in her life that she could be the physical embodiment of the sun, a ray of sunshine every day.

She might not be the Luke Skywalker of SEO yet, but she is an SEO Jedi-in-training under SEO Yoda (SE-Yoda, will you if). So far, content writing is her favorite part because it allows her to be creative for almost 8 hours a day. Who wouldn’t love that?!

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