Mitch Libanoff

Junior Editor

  • Survived a major car accident
  • Started a new job at Tandem
  • Avoided getting COVID for the second year in a row

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Mitch's Story

Mitch is a native Floridian, born and raised in Cooper City, Florida. He attended Indiana University, where he graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies and minored in Sports Communications. Mitch still believes—unequivocally—that Bloomington is the greatest place on earth.

He joins Tandem as Junior Editor after having spent most of the last few years working in the Legal field, as well as an Amateur Basketball Scout. During that time, Mitch had the opportunity to travel to events and tournaments in cities like Portland, Las Vegas, Toronto, Brooklyn, and Atlanta. During these trips, he’d spend countless hours writing hundreds of reports on players and spend even more time networking and cultivating relationships.

When not engaging in unnecessarily belabored debates about basketball, Mitch will happily discuss the most recent Marvel movies or HBO shows with you! Ideally with a glass of bourbon in hand.

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