Kirsten Crocker

Director of Paid Search

Big Wins for 2020

  • Increased conversions Quarter over Quarter by 456% while reducing cost/conversion by 71% for an account in the education industry.
  • Achieved 12.1 Million in revenue from $71,000 in PPC spend for an account in the marine industry.
  • Grew an apparel company’s transactions by 73% in an 8-month partnership compared to previous year

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Kirsten’s Story

Formerly an Organic Search Specialist on the SEO team, Kirsten crossed over to the dark side and joined the PPC team at Tandem. Now Tandem’s Director of Paid Search, she spends her workdays battling your competitors and implementing remarkable PPC strategies to make sure you’re always in the #1 spot.

When she’s not working or chasing her adorable puppy Hank around, her conflicting hobbies and interests include: napping multiple times a day, working out, indulging in food and red wine, reading, social sciences, rewatching episodes of The Office, laughing obnoxiously loud, traveling, overwhelming dogs and babies with affection, correcting others on the pronunciation of her name, and drinking enough coffee to power a small village.

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