Katelyn Perez

Lead Technical Search Specialist

Big Wins for 2021

  • Implemented a successful meta data overhaul project
  • Increased organic impressions and hit goals leading to steady growth of an account in the marine industry

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Katelyn’s Story

Katelyn was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida. With her Cuban-American upbringing, she is often the loudest person in the room. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Communication from Florida International University, where her love for writing and content creation started to thrive.
As an Organic Search Assistant on Tandem’s Search Engine Optimization team, Katelyn brings knowledge in Google Analytics, keyword research, and full website optimization to the table. Her days at work include networking with others, creating compelling content for her clients, strategizing, and snuggling all the dogs in the office. Oh and lots of coffee – Cuban preferred.
Katelyn enjoys spending her downtime at either a hot yoga class, on a paddleboard cleaning the ocean, or rollerblading all over Miami. You can often find her by the waves under a palm tree or in the kitchen trying to make Gordon Ramsey proud. If there is one thing Katelyn loves more than food, it’s her Siberian Husky, Zara. Spending long nights drinking wine and howling at the moon together, Zara is her best gal pal.

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