Jessica Manger

Director of Marketing

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Big Wins for 2020

  • Helped client have the “Best Month Ever” Month over Month during Covid-19.
  • Homeschooled two children while working from home without becoming an alcoholic.
  • Started 2020 with 1 plant., ended with 23.

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Jessica’s Story

Jessica Manger is the fun-loving, free-spirited, PPC Manager/obsessive at Tandem Buzz. In addition to being a moderately obsessed spreadsheet manager, Jessica is also the Captain of the #TandemBuzz running club, where she tries to get her team to begrudgingly run in the middle of the Florida heat during their lunch breaks.

In addition to developing PPC strategies for clients, Jessica does a little bit of everything in the Tandem Buzz office. Previously a billing coordinator and still a Registered Nurse, she’s biased toward numbers and analytics, realizing that data can be (sometimes literally) the difference between life and death. She learned to stay calm and keep track of every detail while monitoring screaming labor patients in delivery rooms, so dynamic PPC campaigns benefit from her level, centered focus, and persistent attention.

Jessica is a mother to a little girl who spends her day learning about unicorns, plants, and all the Universe’s creations. So, when not delivering healthy, screaming-awesome PPC campaigns, Jessica is in unicorn-land with her daughter, or on the balcony tending to her “small” urban jungle they have created.

On a normal day in the office, you’ll find Jessica rocking a t-rex costume, crunching charts and graphs, while leading her team to be the best they can be.

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