Hannah Brnardic

Local Search Specialist

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Hannah’s Story

From Greenwood, Indiana, Hannah moved here in 2018 ready for a change of pace, and she definitely got one. Moving to South Florida on a whim with a good friend of hers was something that wasn’t THAT surprising to many – considering Hannah loves change and likes to be kept busy. She attended college for a few years in a small town in Indiana, changing her major every semester (can you tell she loves change). Currently, Hannah is a Local SEO at Tandem, using her work ethic and tech-savvy brain to ensure you can always find what you’re looking for the first time around.


Since Hannah likes to be kept busy, she also spends time mixing cocktails & shots at her bar on the weekends. In her real free time, Hannah loves to go to the beach, get in the ocean, longboard, or work out. Don’t let that fool you, though, Hannah is injury-prone and is no stranger to bingeing Netflix shows and Sudoku. She has two cats she rescued and has a passion for all animals. She says the best part of moving to South Florida is that seemingly every bar allows dogs! (Apparently, the sun, beach, ocean & warm weather is something to brush over)


Hannah has loved every minute of living in South Florida and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon. Must be the dogs.

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