Cady Cohen

Senior Copywriter

Big Wins for 2020

  • Gained 8 answer boxes
  • Increased a cosmetic surgery account’s organic traffic by 105.65% YoY
    • 188,117 vs 91,476
    • All of my client’s YoY analytics increased and 0 clients saw a decrease YoY, in a pandemic.

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Cady’s Story

Cady Cohen is an SEO Copywriter who enjoys injecting her creativity into her marketing efforts. She graduated in 2018 from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights! Charge on!) with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing & Rhetoric and a minor in Mass Communications. She has written for various lifestyle publications with published work specializing in fashion, health and all aspects of women’s empowerment. She has gone her entire life having people mispronounce her name and the limit of Mean Girls references doesn’t exist. Basically, it sounds like “lady” but with a C instead of an L.


Cady is a native Floridian and enjoys spending her free time relaxing outside in the sweet sunshine. She has a horrible shopping addiction and must stay up to date with all the hottest trends. Unlike most of the universe, Cady despises the taste of coffee but is an avid tea drinker. You can always catch her with a Starbucks cup of green tea. Whether you are in the mood for a good laugh, a Mean Girls reference or need a specialty blog written, Cady is your gal. Just remember it’s not Caddy, it’s Cady like lady.

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