Brett Dylan Merslich

PPC Specialist

Big Wins for 2020

  • Cosmetic Surgeon Account – YoY to date
    • -27.21% CPL, $54 -> $39
    • 51% conversion increase with 11% spend increase
    • Largely due to brand, smart campaign and generic surgeon
  • Boating Industry – YoY to date
    • Display conversions (including retargeting) from 20 to 136
    • Listing display -58.63% CPL with similar spend
  • Moving Company – since 1/20 (management started) compared to the previous period
    • Total leads from 247 to 637 (+157.89%). was judging based on previous conversion tracking but spent $31,299.12 more anyway
    • Moved from a $5k monthly budget to an $8k budget during this time period as well

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Brett Dylan’s Story

Brett is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Finance major and a Marketing minor. He fancies analytics and marketing and is a proud new member of Tandem’s PPC team. If he is not at work wearing a suit and tie you can catch him wearing tie dye from head to toe, which he custom makes himself. Aside from being an expert level tie dye artist, Brett has spent many years of his life working and playing at various golf courses across Florida. He is no pro but he is certainly no novice and would bet on his skills any day of the week. 

You can always find him headbanging to newly discovered heavy metal albums and see him thrashing at concerts all around the state. Being humble, he claims his guitar skills are subpar, but he was asked to become the headliner at all of the biggest rock shows but had to respectfully decline to continue his research to create a race of mutated space soldiers to fight crime around the universe. He is less than a god but more than a man. 

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