Antonio Fernandez

PPC Strategist

Big Wins for 2020

  • Increased a moving account’s leads by 40% with a 36% less cost per lead year over year.
  • Increased a marine service account’s leads by 132% with 12% lower cost per lead year over year.
  • Increased a yacht management account’s leads by 104% with a 41% lower cost per lead.
  • Successfully relaunched the paid efforts of a recreational park after a global pandemic, with a 24% lower cost per lead.

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Antonio’s Story

Though once a wide-eyed college graduate full of energy, Antonio has grown to become a key member of the Tandem hive, maintaining that youthful energy with heaps of caffeine. As a graduate with a degree in Finance, Antonio Fernandez is great with numbers and structures, which helped him fit right into the world of PPC. Once he joined the team and learned the ropes, he used his analytical noggin to excel when it came to developing and implementing PPC strategies.

As our resident Paid Advertising Strategist, Antonio works alongside clients and team members to map out a pathway to success. Taking into account his experience with a variety of platforms and industries, Antonio always considers what’s around the corner for our accounts. His brain is constantly seesawing between “what if” and “then we should do this”, which helps him plan out courses of action to keep Tandem’s clients at the forefront of the paid ads landscape.

When he’s not discussing a client’s goals and laying out successful paths for growth, he’s staying up to date with the world of MMA. Some call it a passion, some call it an obsession, but every fight night you’ll catch Antonio glued to the screen watching the next UFC superstar duke it out in the octagon.

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