Antonio Fernandez

PPC Specialist

Big Wins for 2020

  • Increased a moving account’s leads by 40% with a 36% less cost per lead year over year.
  • Increased a marine service account’s leads by 132% with 12% lower cost per lead year over year.
  • Increased a yacht management account’s leads by 104% with a 41% lower cost per lead.
  • Successfully relaunched the paid efforts of a recreational park after a global pandemic, with a 24% lower cost per lead.

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Antonio’s Story

Antonio Fernandez is a routine bar visitor who loves his Champion’s Diet of caffeine and candy. Don’t call him Antonio, he’ll get angry, and you don’t like him when he’s angry. Tony is a self-proclaimed UFC nerd, video game enthusiast, podcast addict, and Marvel buff. He’s pretty sure he’s the next secret member of the X-Men. Superpower: ordering chicken nuggets in a pinch.

As a finance student at FIU (he’ll graduate soon, Mom, get off his case!), Tony is perfect as one of the PPC Specialists on Team Tandem. He loves exploring better opportunities for improving daily spend on his accounts and using his math-centric brain to calculate restaurant tips IN HIS HEAD.

A Homestead native, Tony is an expert in Mexican food (Google it, Homestead has the market on South Florida barbacoa) and mosquitoes. He rocks that Futon Lifestyle™ and proudly commutes to work in his soccer mom car, aka Baby Blue. If you see him on the road, say hi!

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